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Your concerns are his concerns. Cooper is a leader that listens to your issues and addresses those issues effectively.


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Cooper is not afraid to put himself on the front line for all people. Cooper has countlessly proven that he is a man of the people. His run for Texas lieutenant governor and the US Senate proves that he is up for any challenge including becoming the next governor of Texas.


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Cooper is a loving husband of over 33 years, father to four superior children and has been employed as an executive in the automobile industry for over 35 years. He’s the pastor of his church and president of the Beaumont Chapter NAACP. Dedication is COOPER.


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Properly educating our youth is what drives Michael Cooper. Education and youth programs are the key to lowering crime rates, drug addiction, and homelessness. Without properly educating our children we are feeding into everything that is wrong in our society.

Why Cooper


Given the current crisis we face, we need a change in direction. We need a leader like Michael Cooper.

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He promotes change in a broken system.

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Youth Programs / Higher Paid Well-Equipped Teachers


Lower Premiums / Preventive Care Incentives / Covid 19


Community Outreach / Stricter Gun Control Guidelines / Training


Extreme Weather Risk / Address ERCOT Issues / Go Green


Voting Rights / Diversity / Economic Empowerment


Fix Texas Humanitarian Crisis / Keep Our Border Secure.


Homeless Programs / Low Income Approval Qualification


Properly Utilize Texas Resources / Promote Our infrastructure.

  • In February 2021, the state of Texas suffered a horrifying power crisis due to an electrical generation failure. We were left with a shortage of water, food and heat. My job as governor will be to work with ERCOT and come up with a feasible solution that will ensure the safety and well-being of Texans.

  • We must take advantage of our power to elect and monitor the progress of our state’s infrastructure. In 2021, Texas legislators passed HRJ 99 allowing Texans to vote on Proposition 2, an amendment to the Texas constitution.

  • Gross domestic product (GDP) has Texas rated as #9 in the nation. Our goal is to be #1. We have fought a good fight, now we must win the battle. Covid-19 has put a strain on our Nation and has caused many of Texans a great deal of pain. We must put our state back on track. We must listen to our experts, learn from others mistakes, and remain on top of the issues. This is how we can win the battle and become number #1.

  • Energy — we must work together to improve our natural resources properly. By going green, our energy resources will increase the number of jobs added to Texas. In addition, due to the demand of gas and oil, Texas just announced that they are uncapping multiple oil wells to help with the gas crisis.

Michael Cooper


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Statewide Candidacy

"SDEC Speech, Laredo, TX

Michael Cooper

Texas State Capitol

Michael Cooper

"100 Day" Austin, TX

Michael Cooper

Covid-19 Water Distribution

Recoup with Cooper for Governor of Texas.

Let's work better together, collectively, to move this state to the next level of excellence.

The Time Is Now

Michael Cooper has ran for Lt. Governor and the US Senate. He is president of the NAACP, Beaumont Chapter, and pastor of his church. Cooper is dedicated to keeping this great state of Texas strong, healthy and united.

If you don’t know Cooper, you should know Cooper. He is the man for Texas. Cooper will address the issues and build a team that will support Texas's needs. Michael Cooper is solution driven with a pinpoint focus to resolve the issues as they accrue.

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Cooper's Personal Strenths.

Time Management (100%)
100% Complete
Ability to Multitask Task (100%)
100% Complete
Conflict Resolution (100%)
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Ability to Listen (100%)
100% Complete


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Voting Rights are a privilege, an honor, and our duty. Voting should be easy and accessible to everyone. It is the right of all American citizens to be able to cast their votes.

Exercise Your Right To Vote.

No one can take your right to vote away from you unless you allow them to. By not voting, you give others the right to choose your destiny.

Be your own voice. Use the tools provided by our constitution to be heard. Vote!

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Covid-19 Variants

Due to the various variants of Covid-19 and the new threat from South Africa, we must work together to safeguard Texas and our Nation by adhering to the preventive measures put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Healthcare System

Our healthcare system is being put to the test. The strain on our economy is streaming from the Covid-19 virus and all of its variants such as the Omicron variant. Just because we didn’t cause it, does not mean that it is not our responsibility to help fix it. We are all in this together, no one is immune to what our future holds.

Healthcare Workers

We must work unitedly to relieve the ongoing stress and pressures on our healthcare system.

Let's do our part to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and its variants. It’s not just the government's responsibility, we must take part in this fight and overcome it together.

Early Detection

Learn and recognize the symptoms, be aware of your surroundings, and social distance when possible. Stay up to date with the different variants entering our atmosphere daily. Together we can beat this virus.


Everyone should have the right to choose, but make sure that your right to choose does not jeopardize the rights of others to live. This right is not just for individuals it extends to businesses small and large.

Throughout history, we have been plagued with various diseases that threatened our way of life. Through vaccines, we have conquered various illnesses/diseases and have been able to live normal lives. Let’s continue to live by doing our part.